Keep Hurricanes At Bay

Impact resistance tests done for roofing material to meet UL 2218, grade roofing tiles for their resilience to impacting forces. The highest grade they award for impact resistance is Class 4. Roofing products are also tested for resistance to strong winds. Sustainable RoofingResidential and commercial establishment owners who have installed DaVinci polymer roofing will be happy to know that all our products have been awarded the highest grade for impact resistance and can withstand wind forces of up to 175 mph.

These characteristics are of special significance when seen in the light of a hurricane incident. If you live in one of the hurricane prone areas, you might be a witness to battered roofs following a hurricane. Roofs are meant to protect the house from the forces that can cause damage to the possessions and inhabitants within. Natural roofing products do anything but that.

Flying debris often break natural tiles to pieces, while the strong winds rip them apart. If only you were to opt for our luxury roofing cedar and wood shake alternatives or our imitation slate shingles you'd realize that none of the losses you face each hurricane season are necessary at all.

You need not worry about the aesthetic appeal. Our shingles, though synthetic, do not look fake at all. Not only will they protect your household, they’ll also give your roof a natural look replicating natural wood and cedar. Also, you might be entitled to insurance benefits from your insurance provider due to our high Class 4 and Class A ratings.

With so much to gain and nothing to lose, keeping hurricanes at bay is not a difficult task. Share your DaVinci or hurricane experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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