Keep Roofs Watertight and Energy Efficient with Bellaforte' Tile Roofs

BellaforteDid you know that properly installed Bellaforté tile roofs work to keep your property water tight? Recently featured on the HOMETIME show, “Keeping a New Home Water-Tight and Energy Efficient,” viewers were treated to an introduction to the various benefits of using our Bellaforte' tiles on properties to protect from the elements and create energy efficiency for conserving resources and saving on electricity bills.

The show's crew discussed our polymer roofing material and how its resemblance to natural slate allows for property owners to have the textures and colors of hand split slate, but in addition to its beauty, it also provides resistance to mold, algae and fungus.

Additionally, our 50 year roof should be installed in conjunction with durable metal flashing that isn't subject to rust or corrosion. The crew used copper flashing as its properties allow it to last as long as the home. They applied butyl tape with a copper gutter apron to seal roof edges to keep any snow or ice from leaking through the roof fascia.

Another way in which these roof tiles help to make homes watertight is with specialty pieces for edges to further ensure against water, rain, snow or wind from getting under shingles to cause damage, and then with a specialty ridge piece that is installed after the ridge vent to help prevent overheating during summer or winter.

Learn more about the strength and durability of our Bellaforté tiles by watching HOMETIME's video, and then leave us a comment to let us know what you think.

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