Keep the Snow on the Roof with Snowguards

Some people love the snow and others don't feel so kindly about the cold, white blanket of winter. While it can be great for skiing and making snowmen, snow also presents challenges for driving and a lot of people don't realize that snow can be downright dangerous up on a roof. The danger doesn't stem from the snow potentially caving in the roof, but from falling off in huge, heavy blocks. When that happens, it's called a roof avalanche and as with avalanches in the Alps, it can actually bury people unlucky enough to be standing underneath the edge of the roof.

The best way to prevent such roof avalanches from causing injury and tragedy is by installing snowguards up on the roof. They might look small or insignificant, but snowguards are a good source protection against roof avalanches and they are vital for structures located in regions with high levels of snowfall. They work by holding snow in place up on the roof until it melts or by allowing smaller bunches of snow to fall off. Fortunately, snowguards are also easy to install on a DaVinci roof and, although it's best to include them during the installation of our polymer roof tiles, DaVinci roofs can also be retrofitted with snowguards.

Do you have a DaVinci roof with snowguards? Please send us your photos to share on the blog!

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