Ladies And Gentlemen - DaVinci Shake!

Shake shingles have crowned roofs of houses for many years now; they've been put up time and again after a hailstorm or wildfire. We, at DaVinci recognize the inconvenience natural shake present and have therefore introduced our synthetic shake shingles.

DaVinci ShakeIf you’ve been around to our website, you’d know that we manufacture three types of shakes: Valore single-width, DaVinci Shake multi-width and Fancy Shake. The first two, as the name suggests, differ from each other in being available in one width or multiple widths. Both of these carry the same texture and color as would be expected of natural cedar shakes. The realistic gradation that these shakes bring to the roof they are installed on, will confuse even the most experienced roofer when you claim it is fake.

DaVinci's Fancy Shake carries a hand-sawn cedar shingle appearance. These beautiful shingles will bring about the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics to your roof. Wind, Fire and Impact resistant, environment friendly, 100 percent recyclable and accompanied with a 50 year warranty, it is well impossible to find fault with these imitation shake shingles.

We offer a variety of natural colors but if you have something specific in mind for that perfect roof you want your commercial or residential establishment to sport, you can try our custom color tool to help you. Get in touch with us for more information.
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