Lay it Straight or Add a Little Stagger?

Straight CoursingOnce you’ve reviewed the wealth of information about the superior quality of DaVinci’s environmentally friendly roof tiles and how they stand up to wind, rain and hail, you will, like many others before you, decide that these tiles should definitely grace your rooftop.

But the decision making process doesn’t end there. You will also need to decide on whether you want our synthetic shake or slate tiles for your roof. Next, you will need to choose from our 49 standard colors or design your own color blend to match or complement your building’s exterior.

Staggered CoursingAfter finding an experienced roofing contractor for installation, there is one more detail that you might not be aware of that needs consideration – how the tiles should be laid. Should your new roofing tiles be laid in a straight or staggered pattern?

The method of coursing you choose for your roof is mostly dependent on your personal tastes, but you will also want to consider the design of your home or commercial structure as well. Straight coursing is basically laid with each tile installed in a row one after the other. Alternatively, staggered coursing is aligned in a pattern with tiles overlapping in horizontal and vertical alignment so as to give an alternating or variegated effect (in tiles not color) to the rooftop.

To learn more about how staggered and straight coursing can be applied to your rooftop, see our simulated slate roofing installation guide for more details of the roofing tile layouts or contact our friendly support staff for help.

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