Learn More about Plastic Roofing Materials from Tim Gentry

I have a confession.  I love the blog posts that Tim Gentry writes on our blog.  Why?

Well, for one, you've gotta know Tim Gentry.  He's delightful, smart and funny.  So when he writes a blog post like, Baby it's Cold Outside, you want to read it.

You can also pretty much guarantee that by reading Tim Gentry's blog posts that you will learn something about roofing that you didn't know.  He is great about including images that help explain what he is writing about.

For example, check out this post on Ice Dams.
Ice Dams
As a second generation roofer, Tim Gentry is well versed on every kind of roof - not only our lightweight roofing solutions.  So we have an advantage in that he can look at roofs from a more educated position.

He also has been long in charge of our product testing for certifications, so he knows a lot about the capability of our shingles.  Here's an example of his expertise, Class A Fire Rating.

Class A Fire Rating
You've also gotta love his ingenuity and ability to make our product more efficient and workable and therefore, giving roofers everywhere more green roofing options.  Check out what he does to save on waste in his blog post, Installing DaVinci Tiles With No Waste.

Do you have a question or inquiry for Tim Gentry?  Feel free to reach out to him or a member of our technical team through this on-line form.

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Time: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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