Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow onto Your Composite Slate Roof!

Winter weather is on its way for many areas, and thanks to some recent storms some locations have already had their first snow! No matter how mild the weather may seem to be at the present time, if you live in an area that sees snow, it will likely fall in the next month or two. When it does, be prepared to show the kids how to make a snowman, be extra careful when driving in the snow, and be happy that you have snowguards installed on your roof. If you don't have snowguards installed, better to put them in now or you might run the risk of a roof avalanche.

Simulated Slate RoofingA roof avalanche happens when snow and ice build up on the roof to the point of sliding off in one heavy, dangerous dump. These snowy slides from roofs can, and do, seriously injure people every year and should be taken seriously. You can help prevent them by installing snowguards on your roof to keep huge blocks of snow from falling off the roof all at once. Although it is easier to have them installed at the same time you install our polymer roof tiles, our roofs can be retrofitted for snowguards.

Do you have a DaVinci roof with snowguards? Please send us your pictures to share them on the blog!

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