Let’s Lay the Shakes

Installing natural shake onto your roof can be a difficult job. Firstly, these shakes are often not sorted, requiring sorting at the installation site. Secondly, natural shake is not as strong as it is made out to be, it tends to break during installation, leading to extra work for the installer and unnecessary waste for you.

DaVinci’s cedar and wood shake alternatives are devoid of these shortcomings. Not only are our polymer roofing products already sorted when they reach you, they are also far sturdier than your natural shake and therefore suffer from minimal to no damage during installation.

Installation of DaVinci Shake onto your roof is a very straightforward process. The installation manual which accompanies the roofing material to your installation site is often sufficient to guide the installation process successfully. However, it does not hurt to be extra careful. This video shows how our shake installation should be done to ensure that the process is carried out confidently and with as few glitches as possible:


Do you still have questions pertaining to DaVinci Shake installation? You can address your doubts and queries to our customer service department. Have you already installed DaVinci on your roof? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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