Let's Roof Turrets - DaVinci Style!

Turrets being cone shaped are practically the most difficult to roof. Only the most experienced roofer can do so and that too with considerable difficulty. A time consuming and labor intensive project, turret roofing earlier required on-site trimming and shaping of tiles.

Turret RoofingWe, at DaVinci, try to ensure that every polymer roofing project is as easy as possible and no roofer experienced or otherwise, has to sweat more than is necessary to install fake slate or shake shingles on roofs. Turret roofing with DaVinci products is several times easier than one using any other roofing material.

If your establishment, either residential or commercial, sports a turret, roofing and re-roofing it each time the natural shingles need to be repaired or replaced, can be a real pain. Provide us with the following details and we will get back to you with a custom engineered turret package that is perfect for your roof:
  1. distance from the peak to the edge of the cap
  2. turret pitch
  3. cap length and
  4. coursing exposure
We’ll figure out the rest so that any experienced roofer can easily install onto your turret. The package we send over will include numbered field bundles which will guide which packet goes on which row. Each bundle will have extra tiles to account for errors or any breakages that might be encountered. A turret map diagram to guide the installation completes the package that will ensure a picture perfect turret.

Get in touch with our customer service department if you wish to get your turret roofed. Share your DaVinci turret experience by leaving a comment below.

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