Lightweight Roofing Solutions Offered by DaVinci for High Wind and Impact Damage Concerns

Simulated Slate RoofingWe all have some basic concerns when it comes to roofs. First and foremost, we want that roof to keep the elements on the outside of a home or business. Really, the only thing that a leaky roof tells you is that it's time to fix something - whether it's a new roof or a damaged shingle.

Everyone wants a roof that's going to provide a long-lasting barrier to wind, rain, and snow. We of course also want that roof to withstand any hail thrown at it by summer storms along with high winds that threaten to rip off roofing tiles and send them to parts unknown.

Taking those basic considerations in mind, we developed polymer roof tiles that provide solutions to high winds and damage caused by hard hitting hail. We know that our products are going to stand up to strong winds and hail because all of our imitation shake and slate has been given a class four rating when subjected to the UL 2218 impact rating test and are certified to resist winds up to 110 miles per hour. That means that DaVinci tiles stayed put when subjected to constant, high winds generated by a fan and still looked beautiful after being hit twice by a two inch diameter steel ball dropped from a height of 20 feet.

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