Lightweight Roofing Systems with Insect/Pest Resistance

Usually one of the advantages of using a polymer material for your roof is that you don't DaVinci Valore Shakehave to worry about bugs and other pests gnawing at the shingles or making their homes in them.

Did you know that in areas like Oregon and Washington, they have to spray chemicals on their natural shake roofs to keep the bugs out?  YUCK!

However, not every man made material is Insect/Pest Resistant like our lightweight roofing systems.  There are some pests and insects that like to go for man-made roofing materials.

However, man-made polymer like DaVinci tiles are not susceptible to many things including, insects, termites, rot, mold, mildew and freeze-thaw damage.

As Mark Clement, host of radio show and web site says, "Personally, I can't see why anyone would select a real wood product that is subject to damaging weather conditions, insects and rot when these imitation slate shingles are available."

Because our plastic roofing materials are resistant to insects and pests, it makes it a worry-free and virtually maintenance free roof and when you get a 50-year warranty to go along with it - what's not to love?

What's your roof story?  Please share your DaVinci roof story with us and we'll be sure to feature it on our blog!

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