Limitless Lightweight Roofing Solutions - 49 colors & 5 profiles - What's Your Dream?

One of the reasons I enjoy working with our lightweight roofing systems so much is because I never get bored. 

In school, I never quite got the probability lesson in math class, but I don't have to worry about it when it comes to DaVinci because even when you have exhausted all possibilities with our 5 profiles and our 49 different colors, you can even order a custom color. Whoa.

Our lightweight roofing systems come in the following 5 profiles:

Plastic Roofing MaterialsSLATE

Combine those 5 profiles with the never ending color possibilities in our blends and you can create your own custom roof that fits perfectly with your home.

Wanna play around with some roof options and colors?  We have this very fun on-line tool that we call the DaVinci Color Studio where you can do just that!  You can pick from a 2-color, 3-color or 4-color blend and then also see what it looks like in one of our shake profiles and what it looks like in our slate profiles. Design away and have fun!

Do you have one of our limitless plastic roofing materials on your roof?  Which combination of color and profile did you choose?  We want to see the result! Even if you have installation photos - we love those too! Please feel free to share your story here and we will then share it on our blog, so that other readers can see how your project turned out.

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