Look Out for Roof Turrets

DaVinci TurretThe traditional roof turret is an architectural beauty gracing the tops of ancient and historical buildings as well as today’s modern homes and commercial buildings. The turret is most commonly recognized from its use in medieval castles as a defensive measure to watch for incoming enemies. Today our love of this design finds it atop our roofs as an ornamental feature rather than as a necessary lookout tower.

But beauty can be labor intensive, and the turret is one architectural feature that presents quite a challenge when installing new roofing. Fortunately, our lightweight roofing solutions can come to the rescue to help you in adding a new roof to turrets on your building. The traditional method of installing turret roofing is time consuming and requires manual trimming and shaping for each individual tile in order to taper them into the turret’s cone shape.

Our turret package has simplified this complicated process so that your roofing contractor can install our shake or slate roof tiles with ease. All that’s needed to get the right custom fit for your turret is specific measurements of the distance of the turret peak to drip cap edge, the pitch, cap length and coursing exposure. Once we have that information, we deliver a ready to install turret kit that includes everything you need to complete the project including starter tiles and custom engineered bundles.

There is a lot of information on our site about turret roofing using our 50 year roof tiles, and you may enjoy learning more about them by reading our previous posts such as Rapunzel, Rapunzel and European Turrets

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