Looking For A Roof That Will Protect Your Building In A Hurricane?

slate roof alternativeAs the weather gets warmer, so does the threat of hurricanes off our shores.  If you live in a coastal region, then you know the threat of hurricanes all too well.  One of the first things to go is usually your roof, and well, when that's gone, your building is virtually unprotected and victim to Mother Nature.

This hurricane season is estimated to be at above average.  USA Today featured an article about it earlier this month: Storm warning: Above-average hurricane season predicted.  

Our Bellaforté composite slate can help.  The patented design of this fake slate features a leading edge tab to secure every tile - which drastically improves wind performance.  Likewise, the snap-fit tile creates a built-in rain gutter.  In fact, the interlocking tab on Bellaforté has helped this slate roof tile pass hurricane zone force wind up to 175 MPH through TAS 125.

To learn more about Bellaforté, please contact our customer service department with any questions you have.

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