Looking For A Slate Roof Tile Alternative?

DaVinci Fake SlateIf you like the look of a slate tile roof, then you will most certainly like our DaVinci Slate product. 

To the left, there is a close-up of our DaVinci Slate in our Slate Gray color blend.

We actually have 9 different color blends that you can choose from, please feel free to browse the selection of color blends that we have on our website.  If none of the color blends that we have created fit your fancy, then you are always welcome to create your own blend or simply use solid color slate roof shingles.

DaVinci Slate comes standard in 5 different widths - 12", 10", 9", 7", 6" - and those shingles are sent to the job site already mixed up according the color blend pattern that you've chosen.  That way, you are guaranteed to have a roof that looks like the one you saw when making the decision to purchase a DaVinci fake slate roof. 

In the photo, you can see the roof's valley.  With our shingles, since they are so versatile, you can either do an open or closed valley.  This is an example of an open valley.  Since our shingles have an engineered ribbing structure on the back of the shingle, it is best to have the cut edge butt up to something that will conceal the exposure.  This is simply for aesthetic value.  As you can see in the photo, the shingles butt up to the edge of the copper valley lip and therefore, there is no evidence of the exposed ribbing structure.

If you are inspired to learn more, possibly receive a sample and be contacted by one of our customer service representatives, please contact us for further details about our imitation slate tiles.

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