Looking for Lightweight Roofing Materials?

plastic roofing materials There may be several reasons why you might be looking for lightweight roofing materials - you may have a newer home that was built to take the weight of asphalt shingles, for example, but cannot take the weight of slate. Yet, you want the look of slate.

You might also have an older home and have added onto it and therefore have to replace the roof. Even though the trellises of the older part of your home or building can support the weight of slate, you don't necessarily want to spend the money to beef up the ones on the newer side of the house.

DaVinci's green roofing options are the perfect solution to your lightweight roofing systems needs.

We make both simulated shake and slate roofing, below are a list of our products - you can see them all by visiting our product page:
  • Single-Width Valoré Slate Tiles
  • Multi-Width DaVinci Slate Tiles
  • Bellaforté
  • Single-Width Valoré Shake
  • Multi-Width DaVinci Shake
  • Fancy Shake
If you would like to receive a brochure about our products or learn more about them in general, please don't hesitate to get in touch with someone in our customer service department.

Have you used our products because you needed good-looking a lightweight roofing solution? How did your roof turn out? Please share your thoughts with us below.

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