Maintenance and Care of Shake or Slate Compared to DaVinci 50 Year Roof

If you are comparing our shake or slate alternative to the natural product, you might want to consider the care and maintenance needs for each to help determine which roofing material is Synthetic Slateright for your project.

Cedar shake roofing and natural slate require considerable care and maintenance throughout the life of the product. Inspection of natural  slate is recommended regularly to make sure that tiles are not broken, and when broken tiles are found, they must be repaired immediately to avoid damage to the roofing structure.

Cedar shake, must also be inspected and repaired as the individual shakes crack and split over time. Additionally, cedar shakes tend to fade to gray quite rapidly, usually within one year of installation. To preserve their natural color, treatments must be regularly scheduled and applied. These treatments, inspections, and shake replacements can add quite a bit to the cost of owning a natural shake roof. 

When DaVinci roofing products are chosen, the one thing property owners appreciate is the fact that they are virtually maintenance free. Our colors are fade resistant. Our tiles resist breaking so replacing them is a rare event. In fact, they have the highest ratings for impact and wind resistance so they are less likely than the natural shake or slate counterpart to need any replacement whatsoever.

Add to the maintenance and care free fact that our roof should last more than 50 years,  the choice is clear that DaVinci roofing products win hands down for affordability and ease of care.

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