Make a Rain Barrel with Green Roofing Materials and Save Precious Water

People need water and they need lots of it to sustain the modern lifestyles we have grown accustomed to. Green Roof ConstructionIn addition to being vital for all life, it's used for washing clothes, dishes, and just about everything else. Water is an essential part of agriculture and necessary for livestock. We also like to use it to water our lawns and keep golf greens lush and verdant even if they happen to be located in the arid state of Nevada. In fact, people like to use water so much in so many places that are naturally arid, it is rapidly becoming a precious commodity in many parts of the globe.

There's still plenty of water on Earth but using it comes with a couple of caveats. These are:  (1) it has to be fresh, and (2) it has to be clean. With that in mind and droughts on the increase in many areas, many people are looking into ways to save water. One of the easiest ways to save clean, fresh water is by collecting it as it falls from the sky. Polymer roof tiles engineered by DaVinci are a great way to funnel the water that falls onto the roof into a rain barrel as they have been LEED certified (WE 1.1-1.2 ) for use in potable water systems.

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