Minimize Roof Damage in Extreme Weather with DaVinci Polymer Roof Tiles

Recently many people experienced an unprecedented storm that did unimaginable damage to their homes, businesses, communities and lives. All of us at DaVinci Roofscapes wish a quick recovery to all who were affected.

Many of us have experienced the typical spring storm. While just about any roof can withstand gentle Spring rains, the true test comes in the form of extreme Lightweight Roofing Solutionsweather. Over the course of a year, roofs on homes from coast to coast are subjected to nature's wrath and not all of them pass the test with flying colors. High winds have stripped asphalt tiles off of homes in many a town. Driving hail and wind-blown debris have damaged roofs with low impact rated tiles while other roofs finally showed cracks after years of freeze and thaw cycles.

Extreme weather is a challenge for just about any roof. That's why it's worth it to invest in a roof designed to stand up to everything from harsh impacts to high winds and fire. All of our roofing products help protect a home or business from hail and debris with tough composite materials that have been given a high impact rating. Also, our tiles are rated for winds up to 110 mph for superior wind resistance and have earned a Class 4 Fire rating (with proper underlayments). In addition to having Class A fire, high wind and Class 4 impact ratings, DaVinci tiles are designed to be impervious to freeze and thaw cycles.

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