Minimize Roof Hail Damage with DaVinci Tile

For areas of the country that regularly experience hail storms, protecting buildings from hail damage and expensive insurance claims is simply a matter of installing impact resistant roofing tiles. There is nothing that can stop Mother Nature from sending tornados, hail, wind and rain, but using our lightweight roofing solutions can help minimize whatever potential Lightweight Roofing Materialsdamage the weather dishes out. Our lightweight roofing tiles are highly rated for wind up to 110 miles per hour and rated Class 4 in impact testing for resisting the extensive roof hail damage associated with major hail storms.

By roofing your home or commercial building with our eco friendly roofing tiles not only are you creating a beautifully exterior on your building, but you are also protecting the roof from extreme weather. That, in turn, can result in potentially saving money on the cost of insurance for your home or office. Sure, insurance companies can pay out when severe damage occurs to your roof, but you still face the cost of deductibles and potential of insurance premium increases. Using roofing materials that have impact resistance will help to decrease all costs associated with roof repair and insurance over time since both insurance companies and building owners save money overall by using superior quality materials made to last and withstand any weather that might affect them.

For more information about our protective roofing products, please review our website to contact us for help with your project.

Name: Karen Spangler
Time: Sunday, October 9, 2011

This product is really amazing...we are using it on the restoration of our home that was built in 1928. I'm keeping a diary of the progress on my blog, Our roofing company is doing a fabulous job. I've seen them individually inspect each shingle before they place it on the roof. They are really creating a work of art!

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