Modern Roofing Materials

People have used a wide range of roofing materials since the first houses were built. Everything from grass to turf, and even concrete, have been deployed on the tops of structures to protect the folks inside from the elements. When building a home or getting a new roof, the types of materials to be used is one of the most basic considerations. The following are a few of the more common types of modern roofing materials:

  • Lightweight Roofing SolutionsComposition Shingles: These are some of the most common roofing materials because they can often be purchased for a lower price. Made with asphalt or fiberglass, many have a high fire rating but tend to fly to parts unknown when it gets windy, and also look pretty basic.
  • Wooden Shake: These roofing tiles provide a classy look and have good insulating properties, but they tend to be more prone to fire and mold than fake cedar shake. Wooden shakes also require more maintenance, often cost more, and, since they come from trees, aren't all that sustainable.
  • Polymer roof tiles: Roofing materials made with polymers can be engineered to look like slate or shake, but have higher fire and wind ratings, weigh less, and don't need as much maintenance.

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