Multi-Width DaVinci Shake vs. Single-Width Valoré Shake

If you are going shingle shopping for your home's roof and are interested in DaVinci products, you might have a slight problem. With the variety of products, in the variety of colors we offer, it won't be surprising if you end up feeling spoiled for choices. If it's synthetic shake shingles you've set your heart on, you'll notice that we have three types of shake shingles onboard: DaVinci hand-split Shake, DaVinci Fancy Shake and Valoré Shake.

Making a decision on any matter is tough, and where something as important as the proverbial “roof over your head” is concerned, it can be more so. To make your selection Luxury Roofeasier, we'll explain how our multi-width shakes: the hand-split and the fancy shake, differ from the single-width one: the Valoré Shake. Make no mistake, where quality is concerned, DaVinci makes no compromise. Irrespective of which synthetic shake shingles you eventually end up taking home with you, they will manifest all the characteristics that define DaVinci Polymer Roofing; namely, fire, impact and wind resistant and accompanied by a 50 year guarantee.

Valoré Shake differs from the multi-width forms primarily in being available in one single standard width of nine-inch, in contrast to the multi-width forms of the hand-split shake and fancy shake, which are available in five and three different widths respectively.

Valoré Shake is closer in appearance to hand-split DaVinci Shake in its ability to mimic the color variations observed in natural wood shakes, giving your roof the appearance of having been roofed with natural cedar. It is available in four standard colors that are variations of the shades available for multi-width shakes.

Also, notable is the fact that Valoré Shake are 100 percent recyclable, lending it an environment conscious quality. Multi-width or single-width synthetic shakes, you can be rest assured that once they adorn your roof that they’ll serve their purpose of protection to the hilt, something that you cannot rely on natural shake for.

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