Multi-Width DaVinci Slate vs. Single-Width Valoré Slate

We, at DaVinci believe in the zing variety brings to life and we therefore try to incorporate variety in all our polymer roofing products, starting of course from the variety in products Luxury Roofthemselves to the color blends they sport. Having a lot of variety at your disposal is a good thing, it helps you pick what would suit your roof best.

But, more variety also translates to a slight difficulty in making choices, you might end up thinking, "this will look good, and this, and this, and…". For you see, we do not compromise on quality and functionality. What you see is what you get.

If you are considering buying a DaVinci fake slate roof (which by the way does not look fake at all!), you’ll notice that we have two options onboard: you can either opt for our multi-width slate or our single-width Valoré Slate.

The single-width Valoré Slate, as is obvious, is available in only one standard width of 12-inch. It resembles natural slate so well, no one will be able to discern that the luxury roof adorning your roof is anything but natural. Available in four colors, namely Villa, Verde, Slate Gray and Slate Black.

In contrast, our multi-width slates are available in five different widths and nine different color blends. Both multi-width and single-width slates have been tested for the highest standards for wind, hail and fire resistance.

So what are you waiting for? Let's lay out those slates! Doubts, questions, suggestions? Share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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