Multi-Width or Single-Width, Slate or Shake…

DaVinci Roofscapes started with one product - Multi-Width Slate. However, as interest in our products grew, so did the requests for other "versions" of it, if you will. So now, we have a whole plethora of products for you - options that help to match your budget, your home or building's architecture as well as the color and testing certification requirements for your geographical location.

Here's a quick run down of the different imitation slate shingles and synthetic shake shingles we offer:

Imitation Slate ShinglesSlate Profiles:

Multi-Width DaVinci Slate: Our multi-width composite slate comes in 5 different widths - 12", 10", 9", 7" and 6" and is available in a number of different color blends.

Single-Width DaVinci Slate: Available one 12" tile width, it is also offered in a variety of blends, or you can use our virtually limitless color palette to create a unique color.

Bellaforté Slate: Available in 12" width tiles, the interlocking feature on these tiles gives them superior performance as well as an affordable elegance.



Shake AlternativeShake Profiles:

Multi-Width DaVinci Shake: Our multi-width shake is exactly what the name suggests - there are several different widths (9", 8", 7", 6" and 4" widths) of shingles in every bundle (see the different widths pictured to the left). 

Single-Width DaVinci Shake: Available in one width - 9" tile width - these tiles resemble hand-split shakes tile and come in one width, as the name suggests.

Fancy Shake: Available in 12", 7" and 5" widths, these have a refined cedar look.

Bellaforté Shake: Available in 12" widths, the leading edge tab on these beautiful tiles gives them excellent performance in windy conditions.


What is your favorite DaVinci luxury roof product?

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