My Fix It Up Life – The DaVinci Way

Plastic SlateMost recently, we were featured on My Fix It Up Life, run by Mark and Theresa Clement. Mark installed DaVinci on to his roof and listed at length the benefits of DaVinci roofing products.

Mark highlighted DaVinci's Eco Friendly Roof, bringing to light its cooling properties. Normal roofs absorb huge amounts of sunlight, heating up the house, a condition that gets worse in summer. DaVinci EcoBlend™ tiles are an Environmentally Friendly Roof that reflects back solar radiation saving cooling costs.

This cooling can be attributed to the coloring of DaVinci’s EcoBlend™ tiles. The Cool Roof Rating Council has defined certain criteria that roofing materials, which manufacturers claim to be cooling, have to fulfill. DaVinci’s tiles meet these criteria and also exceed the Cool Roof requirements defined by ENERGY STAR.

DaVinci roofs not only add an undeniable appeal to your house, they are also highly durable and come with a 50 year warranty. Beauty and functionality combined in optimum proportions characterize DaVinci’s products.

If you’d like to learn more about DaVinci Plastic Roofing Materials, please contact our customer service department with any questions you have.

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