Natural Slate vs. Imitation Slate

It seems to be general knowledge, that a slate roof is one of the best roofs you can buy for longevity purposes.  It is true that slate roofs are known as 100-year roofs.

DaVinci Slate Plastic RoofHowever, this is how it used to be and nowadays it is a common misconception.  The type of slate and where it is mined in the world is a huge determining factor of how long the slate will last.

Some natural slate will chip, crack and become soft and aged beyond its use in as little as 40-50 years, whereas other batches last longer. 

You may know of a home in your area that is very old and still has its original slate roof.  In fact, it may be centuries old and still going strong.

However, because there is a lot of slate being mined that should not be put on roofs and moreover, usually the issues with natural slate roofs end up being more of a faulty installation than the slate itself.

In order, not to have to worry about either of these, many homeowners are turning to an imitation slate roof because it looks like natural slate, is lightweight and much easier to install.

Take our DaVinci Slate, for example.  As one of the premier slate roofing materials, DaVinci Slate is the leader in its industry because of our plethora of color blends, factory collated bundles and standard multi-widths and less waste from installation.

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DaVinci Slate has a 50-year warranty and is 100% recyclable.  To learn more about DaVinci Slate or any of our other products, please visit our website:

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