Natural, Synthetic and DaVinci Shakes – A Comparison

The shakes that crown your roof can govern the degree of protection you and your family enjoys, come hail, wind, fire or snow. DaVinci Roofscapes protects your home or building from all these elements as it has been tested for the resistance it shows to them.

Synthetic Cedar ShakeHere's a listing of how DaVinci Synthetic Cedar Shake compare to natural shakes and synthetic shakes manufactured by other brands:

  • Other synthetic shakes lack the natural look exhibited by DaVinci Shakes.
  • Color blended DaVinci shakes enhance authenticity, a feature lacking in other synthetic shakes.
  • There is practically no waste of material during installation, whereas natural shakes and other synthetic shakes tend to have a high percentage of breakages.
  • Natural shakes are prone to fires and many wildfires are propagated via natural shake roofs. DaVinci roofing products have ASTM E 108 Class A rating for fire resistant, which is the highest rating awarded and are therefore, highly protective against fire.
  • Natural shakes cannot resist cold conditions and show freezing and thawing, which decreases their already questionable durability. DaVinci Shakes and other synthetic shakes can resist freezing and consequent thawing.
  • DaVinci shakes are virtually maintenance free, while natural shakes require constant repairs and re-installations.
  • The Eco friendly roof DaVinci shakes create can stay put on your roof for decades, during which span tons of cedar will be wasted to adorn roofs of those who use natural shake for their roofs.

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