Need A Cool Roof, Literally?

“Cool” as in “awesome, excellent or that’s really nice man!” has become quite commonplace. Environmentally Friendly RoofEverybody wants a cool car, a cool house…a cool roof?! Why not? If you move around our website or blog and have a look at the images shown, you’ll notice that the “cool” looks of the establishments, whether residential or commercial, stem primarily from the color and style of the roofs that crown them.

But at DaVinci Roofscapes, our polymer roofing tiles not only look “cool” as described above, but bring “coolness”(the emphasis being on the original meaning of the word cool) to the house or building they cover. Here’s how our roofing products can help your residential/commercial establishment stay cool.

The EcoBlend tiles we have are designed such that they reflect and emit more heat and absorb less. Generally, establishments get heated up in summer because the roof tends to absorb the heat of the sun striking down upon it. Keeping them cool then results in excess cooling bills, not to mention the environmental damage excessive use of electricity causes.

Choosing DaVinci’s roofing tiles will therefore lead to lowered cooling costs, increased energy efficiency and increased sustainability. We don’t say this ourselves, though. We’ve been cool roof rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council – so go ahead and bring the coolness in. In both senses of the term.

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