New Tornado Weather Science and Tile Roofs

Spring is finally here again but with it comes a threat dreaded by millions of Americans. People who Lightweight Roofing Solutionsreside in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and other states situated in what is sometimes referred to as "tornado alley" are genuinely, and rightly, concerned about getting hit by a twister. The majority of these storms actually have winds of less than 110 mph but since those lesser tornados don't cause as much damage, they don't usually make the nightly news. It's the violent, tragic tornados with 150 mph or more winds that flip trucks and turn houses into match sticks that we hear about the most.

One of the best ways to avoid tornados is knowing where and when they are going to occur. Recently, Dr. Greg Forbes of the Weather Channel developed a tornado condition index (TOR:CON Index) that indicates the probability of tornados occurring anywhere the country. If, for example, severe weather is expected in northern Alabama, that particular region would be indicated on The Weather Channel's TOR:CON Index and be given a number associated with the probability of tornado activity. A two gives a 20% probability of a tornado, a four indicates a 40% chance of a tornado happening, and an eight (the highest number on the scale) means that there is a high chance of a tornado occurring.

Although no roof is going to be unscathed after being subjected to winds higher than 110 mph, fortunately, tornados are a rare occurrence. Hail is much more common but with a class 4 impact rating (the highest), you won't find a more durable roof than one covered with the beautiful, polymer roof tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

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