Nothing Says Tornado Like Kansas!

DaVinci SlateFortunately, the Tornado Season this year has been somewhat reasonable.  During our current recession, it seems like a nice break to not have to worry about something like weather.  

However, if you live in the Tornado Alley, then you know how things can change in an instant.  And since Tornado season is usually April through July, with May and June being the most prevalent times of the year for tornadoes, then we understand why you might be worried.

At DaVinci, we understand Tornadoes - after all, we're located in Kansas!

As a result, we designed the best fake slate on the market in order to protect your roof (and ultimately your home) from the gusty and fierce winds that a tornado can produce.  Our newest product is our Bellaforté composite slate which has achieved a Miami Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA) and has also met Florida Building Code (FBC) qualifications.

In fact, these imitation slate shingles have shown that they can endure Hurricane Zone Force Winds up to 175 mph according to an Independent laboratory test we had done.

To learn more about Bellaforté, please contact our customer service department with any questions you have.

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