Our Lightweight Roofing Materials From The Roofer's Perspective

Whether you have just stumbled upon on our blog or if you have been reading it for over a year, you may have missed some of the interviews we have done with contractors that have installed our lightweight roofing systems.

Sometimes it is best to get an idea of the performance, workability and beauty of a product from a contractor that installs such products all the time.

Below you will find a summary of what the different contractors interviewed had to say about our lightweight roofing materials as well as a link to their original interview, so that you can check it out.

Joe Brozek of United Contractors Inc. in Andover, MN said, "The color blends are like no other. Before DaVinci's green roof systems came along we were installing EcoStar shakes made by Carlisle. They were solid color, 3 sizes and were so thin they would flutter in the wind. The color blends set DaVinci apart, some real cedar shake installations do not look as evenly blended as DaVinci does."

John Howard of Gentry Roofing in Kansas City commented, "Really, I would recommend it to anyone.  DaVinci composite roofing changes the aesthetic of a home so much, that whether the homeowners are in their home for a short time or for the long haul, it's a good investment.  In other words, you can get your money's worth whether you're selling your home next month or 10 years from now because a DaVinci Roof will help sell a home. Roofs are one of those things that really adds to the curb appeal and resell value of a home."

Barbie Copp of Copp Roofing & Construction, Inc in Blue Jay, CA relayed, "I like the wood shake look since our mountain area is enforcing the removal of wood shake roofs. I love the color blends. Regarding the performance, we live in a snowy mountain area and pine cones will generally break a tile roof, but not a scratch on the DaVinci roofs!"

Do you have additional questions or inquiries about our products? Please reach out to our customer service department, so that they can answer any inquiries that you may have.

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