Our Lightweight Roofing Tiles and Ridge Vent

Something that we are asked about quite often is whether or not you can use ridge vent with our shingles.
DaVinci Slate Continuous Ridge Vent with 6-inch Ridge Shingles
Our technical department recommends a rigid shingle roll-over type continuous ridge vent if you choose to use ridge vent with our fake slate product. We recommend you use our 6" shingles to cover the ridge vent on other side of it. Therefore, you want to be sure to select at 12" wide continuous ridge vent.

An important thing to remember with ridges is that you want to be sure that joints in the ridge vent are water tight. When you have the continuous ridge vent in place, install our ridge shingles in accordance with our standard hip and ridge installation instructions, as found on page 5 of our DaVinci Slate Installation Guide.

Something else that you might want to keep in mind is to cut the decking on the ridge to leave enough decking to assure adequate nailing for the simulated slate roofing ridge pieces.

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