DaVinci Shake - An Excellent Alternative to Cedar Shake

Are you looking for a great cedar shake roof?  DaVinci Shake offers an excellent alternative to a natural shake shingle roof, making it one of the more appropriate green roofing materials to choose from.
DaVinci Shake Roof
DaVinci Shake
 (pictured left) out performs natural shake in the following categories: beauty, labor, and performance.

DaVinci Shake has all the beauty of a shake tile roof, but without a lot of the hassle and problems.

Most natural shakes are 1/2" in thickness and DaVinci Shake is 5/8" thick.  It comes in 5 multiple widths, and certainly Mother Nature creates her own multiple widths with natural shake.

The labor on a DaVinci Shake roof results in less waste and also is easier for the contractor to install.  Natural shakes that are too narrow or that break during installation have to be discarded.  Not to mention, of course, the splinters that roofers can get from dealing with natural shake shingles.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of DaVinci Shake to that of natural shake is in its performance level.  It comes with a Class A fire rating with specialty underlayments, whereas natural shake does not.  DaVinci Shake has a wind rating of 110 mph; again, natural shake does not.  It comes with UL 2218, a Class 4 Impact Resistance (the highest you can have!).  Natural shake can come with this impact resistance, however due to natural weathering of the natural shake material performance may deteriorate due to the sun and wind drying out natural shake and making it more brittle. 

DaVinci Shake is freeze and thaw resistant whereas natural shake sees a rapid deterioration with these natural occurences.  DaVinci Shake is maintenance free, whereas natural shake usually requires replacement of individual tiles throughout it's lifetime. 

Lastly, DaVinci Shake is colorfast.  A natural shake roof will fade quickly to gray within one year of installation. 

Please visit our comparison chart to see how DaVinci Shake compares to natural shake as well as other synthetic shake shingle roofs.

Polymer Slate Profiles: Features and Benefits

Have you always wanted a slate roof but your current roof structure can't handle the weight of natural slate? Or perhaps you live in an area where there a lot of hail storms and you don't want to worry about replacing tiles.

Polymer Slate Tiles by DaVinci RoofscapesDid you know that you can get the aesthetic rewards of a natural slate roof with a synthetic slate roof tile?  That's right - and with a synthetic polymer roof tile like ours, you can also get superior performance benefits.  Here's a line up of the Slate profiles that we offer:

  • DaVinci Multi-Width Slate - Our Multi-Width slate is our original product line. It comes in 12", 10", 9", 7" and 6" widths and arrives at the jobsite pre-sorted by color and size, eliminating any on job site guessing and sorting.

  • DaVinci Valoré Slate - Our Valoré Slate tiles come in a 1/2" tile thickness and are 12" single-width tiles.

  • DaVinci's Bellaforté Slate - Our Bellaforté line is a revolutionary roofing product that offers superior features and benefits. It comes in a 12" width and has an interlocking design that will knock your socks off.

The performance benefits of DaVinci's synthetic slate roof shingles include:

  • Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108)
  • 110 MPH Wind resistance (ASTM D 3161)
  • Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • 50-year limited warranty
  • Miami Dade Code Approvals
  • ICC-ES (ESR-2119)
  • Texas Department of Insurance approved

Do you have a DaVinci Slate roof? We want to see how it turned out! Please feel free to share photos of your DaVinci roof installation here on our blog.



Confused by Color? We Can Help.

DaVinci Slate in BrownstoneColor is an important factor when you are looking at both the interior and exterior of your home or building.

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we love color. In fact, we love color so much that we have come up with several tools to help you with color - not only your roof color, but also your home or building's exterior paint color.

Here are some of the tools that we offer to help you decide on color for your 50 year roof and your home:

  • Our online color designer allows you to pick the DaVinci material you'd like to use (slate or shake) as well as the profile you want, you can then pick a color blend and view the different combinations.

  • Our Color Book " 5 Steps for Finding the Perfect Hues for Your Home" offers color schemes for your home's exterior.

  • Our second Color Book "Perfect Hues in 5 Steps" helps you find exactly that - the perfect color hues for your home.

  • Our color expert, Kate, is on hand to help you with your color questions. You can even submit a photo of your home and ask Kate which of our roofing colors and/or profiles she'd recommend for your home. 

You may already know that our polymer roof tiles come in 49 standard colors, several standard color blends, or you can also create your own custom blend or even your own custom color!

How can we help with you with color?


International Installations of DaVinci Roofing Products

We are happy to report that DaVinci synthetic shake shingles as well as our synthetic slate roof shingles have been installed in countries other than the United States. Check out some of our international installations!

Cedar Shake Alternative
Canada: DaVinci Shake's Tahoe Blend on a home in British Columbia, Canada.

DaVinci Slate in Japan
Japan: DaVinci Slate in Slate Black looks great on this coffee shop in Kobe, Japan.

Weathered Gray Bahamas
Bahamas: DaVinci Shake in Weathered Gray. Our polymer roof tiles are a great alternative to traditional roofing products in tropical climates like this one in the Bahamas.

American Samoa (Pago Pago) New Cedar
American Samoa: Here is our cedar shake alternative installed on one of the government buildings there. Talk about a roof on display!

Do you live outside of the United States and would like to look into getting a DaVinci roof?  We can help. Please feel free to reach out to one of our project specialists.

Do you have a DaVinci roof?  We would love to see it and hear about how you found out about us as well as how the roof got to your part of the country. Please share your DaVinci roof story here.


Roofing Tips: Ice Dam? What's That?

If you live in an area of the country that gets a lot of snow, then you may already know about ice damming. Or perhaps you live an area that gets a lot of snow, but you are not familiar with the term.

Ice DamAs you can see in the photo an ice dam looks quite menacing, and actually can be. Ice damming is caused when the heat from the home or building is lost through the attic and melts the snow on the roof  which drains down to the eaves where there is no heat loss (no attic) causing it to pond and then refreeze. As more snow melts, more water drains and refreezes on top of the already frozen melt off and forms am ice dam.

So, how do you help prevent ice dams from happening on your roof? The best solution is to make sure you have proper insulation in your attic and adequate ventilation on your roof. In theory, this will keep the roof temperature as close to the outside temperature as possible allowing the snow to melt and drain off more evenly.

Read more about this topic here on our blog:

Photo courtesy of Dealing with Ice Dams. The same article addresses more roofing tips - what you can do if you are currently in an ice dam situation on your roof.


Cedar Shake Alternative: DaVinci's Polymer Shake Profiles

Cedar Shake Alternative by DaVinci RoofscapesDo you love the look of a wood shake roof? Perhaps your homeowner's association will not allow you to use natural wood shake anymore on your roof, so you're on the hunt for a cedar shake alternative.

You've come to the right place.

DaVinci Roofscapes makes synthetic shake shingles that will allow you to keep the wood shake look that you're seeking and will also satisfy your homeowner's associations' need for a product that has superior performance.

Our Shake offerings are as follows:

  • DaVinci Shake - DaVinci Shake is our original shake offering. Our multi-width shake (comes in 9", 8", 7", 6" and 4" widths) is reminiscent of a premium shake shingle that has deep grained surfaces.

  • DaVinci Fancy Shake - Our Fancy Shake's appearance is one of a refined re-sawn cedar shingle.

  • DaVinci Valoré Shake - Valoré is a single-width product, available in a 9" tile width. This profile provides a more clean, simple design on your roof.

  • Bellaforté Shake - Bellaforté is a single-width profile, available in a 12" tile width. This is a revolutionary product that has a snap fit design with incredible performance features.

Performance benefits of DaVinci's synthetic shake include:

  • Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108)
  • 110 MPH Wind resistance (ASTM D 3161)
  • Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • 50-year limited warranty
  • Miami Dade Code Approval
  • ICC-ES (ESR-2119)
  • Texas Department of Insurance approved

We also offer our shakes in a number of color blends. But your options aren't limited to those - we offer a number of color options.

Do you have a DaVinci Shake roof? We would love to see it! You can share photos of your roof here on our blog.  Submit your DaVinci Shake photos here.


Why Choose Polymer Instead of Asphalt or Natural Slate or Shake?

If you are in the process of deciding what roofing material to go with - then perhaps you are interested in knowing why one might choose synthetic slate roof tiles or cedar shake alternative tiles over asphalt, natural slate or a natural wood shake roof.

DaVinci Cedar Shake Alternative Here are some reasons to go with a DaVinci polymer tile over the other choices:

  • Environment - At DaVinci we are environmentally conscious. Our tiles are manufactured start to finish in our Kansas City plant to save on transportation and energy costs - then we use the energy we do use to help heat the plant in the cooler months. As well our tiles are offered in Cool Roof colors that are ENERGY STAR® qualified, help cut down on the heat island effect and also contribute to the LEED certification process. Not to mention our tiles are 100% recyclable!

  • Testing Certifications/Performance - DaVinci shingle systems have attained a Class 4 impact rating, a Class A fire rating and also have superior wind resistance.

  • Installation - DaVinci shingles come pre-sorted according to their color and width. In other words, they are job site ready. Natural slate tiles require sorting on the job site, which is more labor cost for you. Wood shake usually just comes in one variety, as does Asphalt.   

  • Color - With DaVinci, you get the color you want with superior fade resistance. Wood shake, however, does tend to fade and change color with age. Check out the virtually limitless color options on our color studio!

  • Aesthetics - DaVinci shingles look just like their natural slate and shake counterparts. Asphalt can look good, but it doesn't come close to the killer curb appeal DaVinci delivers.

Did you decide on DaVinci over asphalt? How about natural slate? Or natural shake? What were your reasons?


Bellaforté Shake - Our Newest Product! See It Installed

One year ago, we released our newest product - Bellaforté Shake.

DaVinci Bellaforte Shake Bellaforté Shake is a cedar shake alternative roofing product that has superior performance as well as affordable elegance, as you can see in the installation photos below

Our Bellaforté line is a revolutionary roofing material that offers a leading edge tab that secures every tile to the next to crazy improve wind resistance performance. The snap-fit also creates a rain gutter. Here are some more performance achievements of Bellaforté Shake:

  • Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108)
  • 110 MPH Wind resistance (ASTM D 3161)
  • Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • 50-year limited warranty
  • Miami Dade Code Approvals (FL NOA No. 45-0831.01)
  • ICC-ES (ESR 2119)
  • Texas Department of Insurance

Bellaforté Shake comes in 5 standard wood tone color blends: Abruzzo, Espresso, Harbor Gray, Tuscano and Verona.

If you would prefer another color, you can also use our color designer to find the blend that matches your home - or create your own!

You can also get them in our EcoBlend color roof colors.

Our Bellaforté Shake has a natural hand split shake look - with sawn edges and staggered lengths. Here are some of the installations of our Bellaforté Shake product:

Do you like the look of a wood shake roof but can't have it in your neighborhood because of the fire restrictions? Or simply want the wood look without the hassles that come along with it? Check out our synthetic shake shingles to learn more.


Traditional Regional Roof Colors: Northeast

It's probably safe to say that the Northeast has some of the most traditional roof colors in our country.

Synthetic Slate RoofTraditional roof colors in any area usually have something to do with the natural occurring products that are available in an area - such as slate tiles or wood shake shingles from trees.

According to our color expert, Kate Smith, "Homes in the Northeast tend to be clad in traditional colors with deeper or brighter accents. White with black shutters, gray with a red front door, or natural stain with green trim" are the tradition.

If you are looking to match your roofing material and the color of your roof with the architecture of your home, then you will enjoy this simple guide to matching your roofing to the style of your home. Our cedar shake alternative and our synthetic slate roof shingles come in a virtually limitless colors and blends. So whatever color you're trying to match, we can match it for you with one of our 49 standard colors or create a custom color just for you.

If you are interested in learning more about the traditional colors in your area of the country, you might enjoy reading Kate's first color book: 5 Steps for Finding the Perfect Color Hues for Your Home.

Do you live in the Northeast? What color is your roof? What roofing material is currently on your roof?


Freeze/Thaw Not an Issue with a DaVinci Roof

DaVinci Roofscapes' Cedar Shake AlternativeIf you live in an area where temperature changes cause a lot of freeze and thaw, then your roof probably experiences it too.

In fact, freeze/thaw issues can be detrimental to all roof products, including natural slate and shake. A wood shake roof, especially, will experience freeze/thaw cycles. And when a natural wood roof goes through those cycles, it can split, crack, curl and even develop holes in the shakes - that then allows for pests and water to get through the shingles.This ultimately breaks down the overall roof and is the reason that wood shake roofs don't last as long in areas that experience broad temperature swings from day to night.

DaVinci's imitation slate shingles and our cedar shake alternative shingles are made of 100% virgin polymer resin, which is impervious to freeze-thaw cycles. Since our tiles do not absorb water, the issues that come with freezing aren't a problem with our manmade product. Likewise, our tiles are thermally stable - the coefficient of thermal expansion is 10-3in/in °F.  HUH?!  In other words, a DaVinci 12” slate tile expands 1/12” with a 100 degree temperature swing. 

DaVinci 12” slate tiles expands 1/12” with a 100 degree temperature swing - See more at: http://blog.davinciroofscapes.com/blog/up-on-the-roof/do-extreme-freeze-thaw-cycles-affect-davinci-tiles#sthash.JXgpBXjx.dpuf

The fact that our tiles have such little movement during freeze/thaw cycles is another great benefit of going with a synthetic polymer roof tile.


Benefits of a DaVinci Polymer Roof

DaVinci Roofscapes makes both simulated shake shingles and synthetic slate roof shingles. Our shake and slate products are made from 100% virgin resin, so they are a man-made product that looks like their natural counterpart, but has superior performance.

DaVinci SlateHere is a run down of the benefits of our polymer roof systems:

  • Looks: Our products have the aesthetic appeal of the natural product, but without the performance issues.

  • Thickness: Since our product is man-made, we are able to achieve a thickness that matches that of a premium shake or a premium slate shingle, without the extra cost.

  • Widths: You have the ability to select either a single-width or multi-width product - whichever suits your tastes.

  • Color Blends: We have standard color blends that appeal to the colors you'd find in a natural slate or shake roof. And we can also create custom blends and custom colors.

  • Lightweight: Our tiles are designed to be lightweight - about the same weight as an asphalt shingle roof.

  • Waste: During the installation process, our shingles can be installed in a way that makes for very little waste.

  • Fire Retardance: Our products have achieved a Class A fire rating (with appropriate underlayments).

  • Wind Resistance: Our products have a straight line wind resistance rating up to 110 mph.

  • Impact Resistance: Out products have an impact resistance of Class 4.

  • Freeze/Thaw Resistance: Since they are man made, our polymer roof tiles do not have the expansion and contraction issues that a natural product would.

Do you have a DaVinci roof? What added features and benefits have you found from having one of our polymer roofs?  We want to hear your roof story.


Go Green with DaVinci Synthetic Roof Tiles

Recycle DaVinci TilesAre you looking for green products for your home or business? What about on your roof?

It's no wonder you happened upon our website, as our imitation slate shingles and synthetic shake shingles are considered green roof systems because of our LEED® Certification Process as well as our recycling program.

We contribute to the LEED® Certification Process through:

  • Sustainable Sites
  • Water Efficiency
  • Materials and Resources

We talk more in detail about the above mentioned contributions on our website.  Read more about DaVinci's LEED Certification Process

In addition to LEED efforts, we also offer a recycling program for our shingles.  Our recycling program has two options:

  1. Waste from a job site
  2. Expired tiles

Scraps from an installation can be returned to our plant to keep them out of the landfill. Likewise, after DaVinci roof tiles have lived their 50 year life or longer, then can be returned to our facility for recycling purposes. Any scraps from installation and tiles that have outlived their lifespan will be recycled into starter tiles. Before returning them and to receive specific instructions on how to do so, we ask that you contact DaVinci Roofscapes, 855-299-5301, to schedule a return.

Want to see our recycling program in action? See how Shawn Bellis of Epic Exteriors in KC Talks "Going Green" with DaVinci's Recycling Program!

Did you choose to go with a DaVinci roof because it fit your eco-friendly roof needs? Are you pleased with your decision?


Green Roof Systems: November 15th Is America Recycles Day

DaVinci RecyclesAs a manufacturing company, we work daily to be consciously aware of the environment. Moreover, as a roofing manufacturing company, we feel the need to be even more environmentally conscious when creating our green roof systems.


Roofs are something every single building and home has to have - so there are a lot of them. And many of them need to be replaced over time - so what happens to the old roof? What happens when the new roof is being put on? Replacing a roof can lead to quite a bit of waste, often headed for the landfills. So, when creating our synthetic shake shingles and our imitation slate shingles, we have not only examined the manufacturing creation process of our shingles, but we have also looked at what happens after the 50+ years that our roofs are on homes. 

Here's how DaVinci celebrates November 15th, America Recycles Day, every day:

  • We make tiles in our own Kansas City, Kansas facility to save energy and transportation cost.
  • We utilize the energy we consume to help heat the plant during the winter months.
  • We use 100% pure virgin resins for our roof tiles to guarantee a sustainable product. Any materials that fail to meet finished specs are recycled for use in our starter tiles.
  • Every DaVinci tile is 100% recyclable.
  • Our Multi-Width shingle system allows for less waste at the job site, therefore less material is needed and wasted.
  • We offer a "Cool Roof" product through our DaVinci EcoBlend® tiles. They are an ENERGY STAR® Qualified Product.
  • We contribute to the LEED® Certification Process.
  • We offer a recycling program that is two fold: contractors can return waste from a job site to our plant for recycling into starter tiles and entire roofs can be returned to our plant for recycling into starter tiles after their 50+ year life has expired. Read more about our recycling program here.

What do you do to support the environment? Do you recycle? In what ways?


Are Snowguards Really Necessary?

If you live in an area of the country that gets a lot of snow, then you might be looking for a solution that stops that avalanche of snow from tumbling off the roof when the snow starts to melt.

The power and force behind a roof avalanche can rip off gutters and destroy beautiful landscaping below.

Rocky Mountain Snowguards on a DaVinci Shake RoofSo what's the solution to prevent that avalanche from happening? Snowguards.

Snowguards are devices that are installed on your roof to help hold snow on your roof while helping it melt at a more even rate. These can be installed when your roof is installed or can be retrofitted onto your simulated shake roofing or synthetic slate roof shingles.

How do snowguards work?

Snowguards are strategically placed on your roof, so that when the snow melts, it melts more evenly. That way, it doesn't have the opportunity to bind together and create that avalanche. There are several different types so talk with your roofer to determine the best snowguard system for your home.

You can read more about snowguards, how they work and why they're important in the following posts:

Do you have snowguards? What made you decide to install them? Did you install them at the same time your roof was installed or did you have them retrofitted? Share your snowguard stories with us in the comments below.


Prevent Common Cold Weather Roof Issues

Synthetic slate shinglesWith winter upon us, we thought that it might be an opportune time to offer some roofing tips when it comes to common cold weather roof issues. Often times, depending on the type of roofing material, like a wood shake roof, you have on your home, you can have different issues. However, for simplicity reasons, we'll quickly address how to prevent common cold weather roof issues:

  1. Snow avalanches off your roof - These can be prevented by installing snowguards.

  2. Ice build up on the eaves - This is called an "ice dam" - these can be prevented with proper attic insulation and ventilation.

  3. Water inside your home - One of the first things to check are your gutters - if your gutters are clogged, then you will have leaks inside your home over time.

  4. Icicles hanging from your gutters - Similar to ice dams, this problem can be solved by cleaning out your gutters, making sure they are free of debris and leaves.

  5. Condensation - Often times if your roof is not properly ventilated, you can have condensation problems from the warm air inside your home, hits the cold surface of your roof. Roof vents and other venting options can be retro-added to your roof to help with this issue.

Do you own a DaVinci 50 year roof? How do you like it? We'd love to hear the story about how you decided on a DaVinci roof.



Top Installation Tips from Our Tech Guru!

Tim Gentry, also known as our Technical Guru, has been with DaVinci since day one. And before he was with DaVinci he owned and operated a roofing installation company. He also grew up installing roofs with his father in the Tahoe region.  So, to say that Tim knows only a thing or two about how to install a roof, would be an understatement.

DaVinci Installation TipsTim was instrumental, and continues to be instrumental, in the design of DaVinci synthetic slate roof shingles and synthetic shake shingles. His perspective as a roofer helps us to make a product that is not only great for the home or building owner, but also great for the roofer.

Often times, roofers that are not as familiar with our product can get stumped on how to approach a certain area of a roof with our tiles. While almost every installation technique is covered in our installation guides, you can also find top installation roofing tips from Tim on his blog.

Here are some of his more recent postings.

Are you a contractor installing our product? What questions do you have about installing our products? You might also enjoy exploring DaVinci's YouTube channel where we cover installation tips and tricks as well.



DaVinci Shake as Siding - Cedar Shake Alternative for Siding!

The problems that occur with using a natural wood shake roof also tend to occur when you use natural shake as a siding material. Such problems include freeze/thaw cycle issues that cause cracking and splitting, insects getting into the shingles, etc. So, it comes as no surprise that we have received inquiries about using our cedar shake alternative roofing shingles as siding.

DaVinci Shake Used as SidingOur simulated shake roofing was recently used on a project in South Dakota. And, of course, since the product is a roofing product and comes with a roofing installation guide, there are a few tricks that you need to know. For example, the contractor on the South Dakota project pointed out, "We started with a commercial-grade Tyvek underlayment, then put on the Valoré Shakes. Making the metal trim finishing pieces was the most challenging part of the entire installation. This is a really unique application that any contractor can do to make a home exterior more unique."

You can read more about DaVinci Shake being used as siding:

Have you used DaVinci Shake as a siding product on your home or business?  How did it turn out?  We would love it if you would consider submitting your story.


Traditional Regional Roof Colors: West

The Western USA consists of a plethora of landscapes as well as a myriad of states with their own traditional roof colors.

Traditional Regional Roof ColorsOur color expert, Kate, reports that, "In the Northwest, natural gold-based and green hues that reflect the colors found in the natural environment are popular. Nature also influences home colors in the mountain states where the colors of stone, rock and natural woods are incorporated into the color schemes."

If you are trying to match the traditional roof colors in your area, you might enjoy looking into the possibilities of our synthetic shake shingles or our imitation slate shingles. We produce them in a multitude of colors and blends and you can even customize your blend with our online color designer.  If our exiting color blends or colors don't meet your needs, you can also discuss a custom color with us.

If you would like to read more about what Kate has to say about color and roofs, here are some popular links:

Do you live in the Western United States? What color is your roof? Would you say that it matches with what you think of the traditional roof colors for your area of the country?


Common Winter Weather Roof Woes - Benefits of Imitation Slate Shingles

Winter weather is on its way in many parts of the United States, and with cold weather comes some potential roof problems like:

  • Freeze and Thaw Issues
  • Ice Dams
  • Snow Slides

Synthetic Slate ShinglesPerhaps as a home or business owner you have experienced some of these issues and therefore are looking into imitation slate shingles or a cedar shake alternative to replace your natural slate or shake roof.

Or perhaps you have heard of these woes from friends or neighbors and therefore are looking for roofing tips to avoid these issues.

Our 50-year roof is a good option to help to avoid potential freeze and thaw issues. Since our products are made of a polymer blend, there is very little expansion and contraction in our shingles. As a result, the crazing, cracking and splitting that happens with natural products and some man made products, is less likely to occur with our shingles.

Another common problem that home and commercial building owners face during the winter is the formation of ice dams. These sometimes beautiful, yet dangerous chunks of ice are formed when melted water re-freezes when it reaches the edge of the roof. This is primarily caused by the absence of heating at the edge of the roof as opposed to other areas where warmth from the attic is present. Roofs that have a low slopes and large overhangs are more susceptible to ice dam formation. Proper attic insulation and ventilation in the house are proven solutions that can be implemented to help prevent ice dams from forming on your roof and creating problems. - See more at: http://blog.davinciroofscapes.com/blog/weather/page/2#sthash.yQj3XzRs.dpuf

Another common problem that home and commercial building owners face during the winter is the formation of ice dams. These sometimes beautiful, yet dangerous chunks of ice are formed when melted water re-freezes when it reaches the edge of the roof. This is primarily caused by the absence of heating at the edge of the roof as opposed to other areas where warmth from the attic is present. Roofs that have a low slopes and large overhangs are more susceptible to ice dam formation. Proper attic insulation and ventilation in the house are proven solutions that can be implemented to help prevent ice dams from forming on your roof and creating problems.

Finally, snow slides are also a possible winter weather issue for roofs, which can usually be taken care of with snowguards. Heavy sheet-like chunks of snow and ice can cause serious damage to property and even cause serious injuries. Sloped roofs are particularly susceptible to these types of avalanches and require special consideration in states that are known to have heavy snowstorms and ice dams. Special devices such as snowguards are generally installed on these roofs to hold snow and ice in place until they melt slowly. When this happens, it is less likely to have any problems with ice or snow falling on people or property.

If you would like to read more about how our shingles help with winter weather woes, please check out the following blog posts:

Do you have a DaVinci roof? How do you like it? Did you pick it because of its performance ability in the winter months?


Lightweight Slate Roofing by DaVinci

At DaVinci, we understand slate. We took an in-depth look at not only the texture but also the color schemes of the natural product, all before we launched our debut product - Multi-Width DaVinci Slate Tiles.

DaVinci Slate TilesOur slate tiles are a 1/2" thick which is about twice as thick as other synthetic tiles and we offer them in color blends that mimic natural combos that have been on roofs for hundreds of years. Here is a rundown of our current slate profile offerings:

  • Single-Width Valoré Slate Tiles - these tiles come in a 12" tile width. Single width shingles allow for a clean and simple roof design.

  • Multi-Width DaVinci Slate Tiles - these tiles come to the job site in 12", 10", 9", 7" and 6" widths and allow for the staggered appearance of natural slates.

  • Bellaforté Slate - these tiles have our interlocking design. Also single width, our Bellaforté line is 12" tiles offering a length of 15-1/2" with a very clean look.

Our slate tiles also offer the following certifications:

  • Class A fire rating (ASTM E 108)
  • 110 MPH Wind resistance (ASTM D 3161)
  • Class 4 impact resistance (UL 2218)
  • 50-year limited warranty
  • Miami Dade Code Approvals
  • ICC-ES (ESR-2119)
  • Texas Department of Insurance approved

In addition to the already existing color blends for our slate tiles, we also offer EcoBlend® Cool Roof colors as well as custom blends and custom colors for our slate products.

For more information on our slate tiles, you might enjoy reading:


Traditional Regional Roof Colors: Midwest

It's always fun to look into the history of an area and discover what the traditional architectural trends were. And a part of those trends are the traditional roof colors. 

DaVinci Slate Shingles in Kansas CityWhether or not you live in the Midwestern United States or just feel like your home belongs in the Midwest, you might be curious what the traditional roof colors are for the Midwest. And if you are looking into synthetic shake shingles or synthetic slate roof shingles, for example, you might be wondering what color hue you should order. 

As our color expert, Kate Smith of Sensational Color, says, "In the Midwest, white, tan and gray are popular color choices" for the exterior color of home, therefore, you want a roof that goes with those colors. Kate's first color ebook, which can be accessed here, includes a section about regional colors that might be helpful.

The first place to start when you are trying to match traditional colors is to figure out the style of your home. Once you know your style, you can then move onto the roof colors. Kate has written a blog post on matching your roof color to your style of home  that will help you do just that.

You might also enjoy reading about the home styles and colors on Style Kings: NE and Midwest Homeowners Replace Roofs for Style Desire.

Do you live in the Midwest? What roofing material adorns your home? What color is it? Do you feel it matches with what you think of the traditional roofing colors for your area?