Plastic Roofing Materials Snowguard Reminder

SnowguardsSummer is here and the living is easy. The ice and snow of winter are long gone and seem like distant memories that many of us would rather forget. However, as much as we would prefer to not think about the blobs of snow that slide off the roof, it's better to deal with that now than ignore it and pay the consequences next winter.

It's no fun getting clobbered by a bunch of snow that slides off the roof and, when you think about the ice that could come down with it, there's real potential to cause serious injury. Also, if you happen to be lucky enough to avoid being hit by a block of snow and ice that comes flying off of the roof, bushes and vehicles near the house might not be so fortunate.

So, when you grill those steaks in the backyard this summer, don't forget to schedule in some time for installing snowguards on the roof. Snowguards come in several sizes, are easy for roofing contractors to install, and are an easy means of preventing harm and damage caused by snow and ice that would have otherwise fallen off the roof.

Do you have snowguards on your DaVinci roof? Send us your photos so we can share them on the blog!

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