Plastic Roofing Materials Utilize Non-Porous Polymers

Lightweight Roofing SystemsSince real slate and shake look beautiful and have been used as roofing materials for centuries, it's easy to wonder why any homeowner would want to switch to the fake versions of those classic materials.

Well, basically, the reasons why more people use tiles made with polymer resins are similar to why they don't drive cars engineered during the 1930s. It comes down to better technology and the big advantage resin tiles have over other materials is their non-porous nature.

The main advantage of using non-porous roofing products is that they simply aren't as affected by freeze and thaw issues. Home and business owners who have wooden materials on their roofs have to be concerned with water being absorbed by the roof tiles. A roof with porous tiles might not leak for ten years but that doesn't mean that it's not being affected by freeze and thaw cycles. Wood is a naturally porous material and will take in a certain amount of water. When winter comes around, that little bit of water freezes and expands before melting during warm weather.

Although a few freeze and thaw cycles might not cause much harm to porous roofing materials, let that happen for a decade or more and some tiles might start falling apart. Since DaVinci products are non-porous, such problems related to freeze and thaw cycles cease to be a worry.

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