Plastic Roofing Tiles that Look Like Slate?

DaVinci Slate Plastic RoofDid your roofer or builder tell you that there are plastic roofing tiles that look like slate?

Whether you have heard of a plastic slate roof or not, if you've come this far (searching online), then you must be interested in them.

We are DaVinci Roofscapes and we make plastic roofing materials.  To say,  however, that our slate product is plastic is sort of a fallacy.  It is much more than plastic.  It is a polymer (large molecule composed of repeating structural units typically connected by covalent chemical bonds), we also throw in a few more things like UV stabilizers and fire retardants, oh and also those little proprietary elements that make us stand out.

Some concerns folks have when they hear about synthetic slate roof tile is that it will become brittle, crack, bow, curl or break.  Unfortunately, that does happen with certain roofing products, especially the ones that were the guinea pigs when the idea of synthetic slate roof shingles came about.  However, DaVinci took those issues and found a way to combat them.  Because DaVinci is a polymer and not a complete plastic, it is durable and even has a Class 4 Impact Rating (the highest you can have through UL), so it doesn't become brittle or break over time.  Additionally, DaVinci Slate has an engineered ribbing structure on the back of every single shingle, allowing it to stay how it left the factory and not bow or curl.

We have a large selection of color blends to meet your homes' needs.  And even if you do not like our blends, not to worry, you can talk to one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-328-4624 to learn more about the custom colors that we offer.  Additional charges may apply.

DaVinci Slate has a 50-year warranty and is 100% recyclable.  To learn more about DaVinci Slate or any of our other products, please visit our website:

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