Plastic Slate Imitation Roof: A Look at Polymer Roofing

Polymer roofing construction has fast become a standard in the construction industry. Our polymer roofing materials are constructed for natural beauty, long lasting performance and easy affordability.

Steep Slope RoofingOur lightweight roof systems utilize recyclable polymer to make sustainable roofing tiles that have fire retardants and are safe for the environment. Without needing to kill trees for wood, mine quarries for slate stone or utilize oil for asphalt shingles, polymer roofing preserves natural resources that can be utilized elsewhere. The ability to recycle these tiles prevents waste and means they will not end up in landfills to further pollute our earth.

Our polymer roofing provides the strength to withstand intense weather conditions that can make quick work of destroying standard, low impact roof materials. With heavy thunderstorms, tornado and hurricane activity that is common in the Midwest and southern parts of the United States, the impact resistance of DaVinci polymer roofing tiles can prevent roof hail damage. Because of the inherent fire risk in the west and southwest U.S., roofing in these regions can also benefit from the Class A fire rating of our roofing tiles as well.

The increased strength and durability that goes into construction of our roofing shingles gives them a long life span and we offer a 50 year warranty. Many city, county and state governments have approved of the qualifications of our roofing tiles to meet water absorption, fungal, weather and strength tests.

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