Plastic Slate Imitation Roof and DaVinci Tiles

In our changing world where many homeowners and builders are beginning to take green roofing options seriously, we find that some interested in this alternative tile do not understand the differences between the different plastic slate imitation roofs being offered on the market.

Pallet of Slate TilesWith growing awareness of our limited resources and the need to conserve energy, the demand for synthetic alternatives in roofing is increasing around the world. Our lightweight tiles are made from an engineered polymer that has been enhanced with fire retardants and UV stabilizers to give durability in different climates and weather conditions.

The main difference between our tiles and other synthetic roofing materials is that ours are manufactured with 100% never before used, virgin copolymer resins. Other brands use, for example, recycled tires or milk bottles, which in our opinion compromises the integrity of the tiles and limits the long term sustainability of other manufacturer’s plastic roofing materials.

Additionally, our tiles meet standards set for resistance to wind, impact and fire conditions as well as mold, algae, fungus and pests. Other synthetic roofs simply cannot compete with the quality and durability found in our product.

While we don’t use recycled materials in the making of our product, our slate is recyclable. Contractors who are installing our roofs can easily take scraps or cutting from roofing projects and return them to our facility where we take them to repurpose and recycle as starter tiles. Additionally, we are committed to limiting the waste of resources.  For builders working on projects within 500 miles of our Kansas City facility, they may ship any unused tiles back to us free of charge.

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