Polymer Roof Tiles are a Roof’s Best Friend During Severe Weather

Plastic Roofing MaterialsSevere weather can occur anywhere. It happens when that gentle rain pattering on your roof becomes a thunderous, frightening maelstrom of pounding water and hail. Snowfall becomes severe when it turns into a howling, snow-blinding blizzard that buries vehicles and makes walking to the corner store a dangerous adventure. Friendly breezes can be transformed into howling windstorms that knock down trees and bend and break natural roofing tiles. Worst case scenarios of severe weather can include tornados and floods. Fortunately, those are rare occurrences but high wind, pounding rain, and heavy snowfall are to be expected in many areas of the nation.

In protecting inhabitants from the elements, a roof is usually at the forefront in the fight against severe weather. That should come as no surprise since keeping a home or business safe from sun, heavy rain, snow, and hail is the main function of a roof. However, a roof can't keep the elements out on its own. It needs its own sort of protection and usually gets it in the form of roofing tiles. Use poor quality tiles and a roof is far less protected than one cloaked in beautiful polymer slate or shake. Designed to stand up to the elements, composite tiles engineered by DaVinci Roofscapes are waterproof, and have high impact and wind ratings. 

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