Polymer Roofing Pest Resistance: The Termite

Lightweight Roofing SystemsOf all the pests that can damage a home or business, the termite ranks up there at the top of the list. Adapted to feasting on dead wood, the tiny termite can literally devour wooden structures. Some will even bore into cement to reach water and food, and they are very difficult to eradicate. Although the "white ant" is much more common in tropical regions, a lot of folks are surprised to learn that termites also occur in plenty of places in the USA.

The Formosan Termite in particular eats through tons of wood in New Orleans and has become one of the main pests to plague structures in that city. It is estimated to cause $300 million in damage in New Orleans each year, not to mention it has spread to several other states, and appears to be expanding its range in every direction. Domestic termites are also a problem in some of the hotter and drier areas of the US, and will feast on wooden structures and roofs when given the opportunity.

Fortunately, the bright side to this voracious picture is that termites eat wood - not materials like our polymer roof tiles. Because these pests can't even digest our materials, our tiles should keep those wood-eating insects at bay.

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