Polymer Shake Roofing

Cedar Shake AlternativeWooden shake lends a quaint, classy look to any home or business. It's a rustic look that brings us back to other times and quiet neighborhoods where the streets were lined with stately evergreens. However, as beautiful as cedar shake is, it has serious disadvantages such as a lower degree of resistance to fire when compared to other roofing materials, can require more maintenance, and can contribute to deforestation. However, a solution to those disadvantages can be found in tiles that look just like shake but come with none of those problems. The material used to make such tiles is polymer resin and it's shaping up to be the perfect substitute for the wooden variety of shake.

We make shake out of polymer resins and instead of being susceptible to fire, our tiles have earned the highest fire rating given to roofing tiles (a Class A fire rating). Unlike wooden products that can absorb water and eventually rot or crack after freeze and thaw cycles, our shake will last for at least 50 years with very little or no maintenance. Since DaVinci shake tiles are made from polymer resin (instead of trees) and are 100 percent recyclable, they are also a lot more eco friendly than their wooden counterparts. As far as appearance goes, they also look just like gorgeous wooden tiles and are available in a much larger array of colors than the cedar variety.

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