Prepare Your Home with Our Class A Fire Rated Roofing Tiles

The weather this year has been exceptionally hot and arid throughout the Midwest and Southwest, and with drought conditions and fire bans, California, Texas, Oklahoma and other Southwestern states, has its eyes on keeping people ready and prepared for wildfires.

One of the most vulnerable elements of concern to homeowners enduring dry weather conditions is the roof on your family home. Protecting your investment with our Class A fire rated roofing tiles will help you rest a little easier and feel safer particularly if your home is in an area where the threat of fire is common.

Our environmentally friendly roof materials have been extensively tested for fire conditions. Basically, the roofing material is subjected to a battery of three tests to determine the level of fire resistance, and after undergoing these fire tests, our roofs received the highest classification available for fire testing standards, Class A.

The following video compares a 15 year old cedar shake roof with our simulated shake roofing. The results speak for themselves as far as the roof’s ability to help protect your home and property.

In addition to its fire resistance, each of our roofs has scored highly on impact and wind tests as well. With a variety of slate and shake tiles available, there is a color and style to fit your home and help keep you rest assured that the materials you place on your roof are built to last and protect your home for many years to come.

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