Preparing For Hurricane Season

For those who live in the South East, the upcoming months are known as that time of year where there are plenty of storms. With "hurricane season" around the corner, it is essential to start preparing for those windy and rainy days in advance. DaVinci Slate Vineyard 

If your home does not have roofing that can endure rough winds, now is the time to ensure that your roof meets the standards for those heavy rains and rough storms.

DaVinci Roofscapes offers products that are all tested to endure winds with a Class 4 Impact rating, or hurricane winds up to 175 mph. Durable DaVinci roofing tiles are manufactured from a proprietary engineered polymer that includes multiple virgin ThermoPlastic Olefin (TPO) resins, organic fire retardant, state-of-the-art color and UV stabilizers. Also, our products are colored with inorganic pigments, making them eco-friendly.

Because of this high-quality material, you can ensure that your home will have high-quality protection, as well. Also, because of the variety of styles and colors offered, you do no need to compromise your style for the protection of your home. Composite shake, composite slate, and green roofing options are all available in our line of products.

Hurricane season can be challenging, but our roofing products can make it all the more bearable. Would you like to learn about all the ways a DaVinci roof can protect your home?  Please contact our customer service department with any questions you have.

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