Problem With Your Roof? Here Are Some Causes Of Roof Problems.

DaVinci Slate Vineyard BlendMost of us tend to notice a problem with our roof at the worst possible time. In other words, you are sitting inside your office or your living room, and there's a leak.  It's not on purpose, but the fact is that the roof is something we all tend to ignore.

However, if you know the causes of your roof problems, you will be better prepared to prevent them. 

Here are some common causes of roof problems:

  • Installation problems – Roofing materials need to be installed by experts. If a contractor who does not have experience installing roofs, installs your roof, you can bet there will be problems. In fact, if the roof is not properly installed it could lead to sagging and cracks in the roofs, among other things.
  • Weather – The weather in your area could play a significant role in damaging your roof. If the area you live in has extreme weather conditions or if you have frequent hail pounding against your roof, the roof will be damaged sooner than its expected lifespan.  That's why it is important to find a synthetic cedar shake or a synthetic slate shingles like DaVinci - one that has a Class 4 Impact rating.
  • Lack of Maintenance – Most roofs needs little maintenance and checking them at regular intervals could also help you detect missing or dented shingles.
  • Pollution and Air – If you live near the sea or ocean, salt content in the air will damage roofs made of organic materials. 
  • Flashing Problems – These are among the most common problems in roofs and are the reason for most leaks. Poor design and installation cause roof flashing problems.
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