Protect from Wind and Hail with Bellaforté Roof Tiles

Traditional asphalt shingles cover many a roof in hurricane and storm prone areas, however, Bellaforte Sabino Lightweight Roofing Systemsonce the winds start blowing and hail starts falling, many neighborhoods find shingles no longer on the rooftops but instead are littering the ground, trees and driveways, pretty much everywhere other than where they belong.

New roofing options to prevent this roof litter during storms include both our DaVinci slate and shake alternative roofing that is rated to take winds up to 110 miles per hour as well as our Bellaforté design. The Bellaforté lightweight roofing tiles install on roofs with their patented interlocking design and help to protect from heavy winds. In fact, their testing results found them rated for hurricane force winds up to 175 miles per hour. 

Our virgin resin polymer tiles provide a sustainable design that mimics the look of slate or cedar shakes so not only are they strong but beautiful as well. They also have UV inhibitors and Class A fire rating as well so they are constructed to provide durable strength for many years to come. When hail and debris hit these roofs, the tiles resist impact damage so that the material lasts longer without roof hail damage or maintenance found with other typical installed roofing products.

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