Protect Your Property from Roof Hail Damage

Impact resistance in roofing tiles is vitally important for those areas of the country that are Lightweight Roofing Systemsprone to hail storms and other inclement weather patterns. DaVinci synthetic shake and slate roofing materials have received a Class 4 rating for impact resistance for the type of natural forces that cause roof hail damage.

It only makes sense to investigate materials that will provide long lasting durability for the environment you live in. Having roofing materials that can withstand hail damage means less potential expense needed for repair and maintenance of roofs. Additionally, many insurance companies offer discounts in property insurance premiums when they are made aware of roofs installed using materials that are highly rated for impact, fire and wind resistance or tolerance.

Besides the natural beauty of our composite roofing product, installing roofing that protects your investment means also having assurance that your family or employees are living or working in a building with a roof that is strong enough to keep them safe.

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