Questions to Ask about Roof and Brick Color Combinations

Finding the right color combination for your roof and brick building is a matter of personal taste and style. Of course, deciding on those colors will also depend on the color hue or your brick, as well as, your location and neighborhood. When choosing which DaVinci tile roofs will work best on your building’s exterior, there are two main questions to consider when looking at this fixed feature: what are your color preferences and how do you want others to view your building?

What colors do you like?
DaVinci Roofscapes Cost Per SquareWhile you may favor bright purple and shock yellow as colors, using them on the roof or bricks of your home could certainly cause neighbors to frown. Consider the colors that you enjoy and find shades that will blend or complement the exterior of your home or office but not create issues with the homeowner’s association. If you like a particular shade of purple, you can always use it for the front door, outside pottery or garden accessories rather than on your brick or roof tiles.

What do you want others to think?

Our shake and slate shingles come in a large assortment of colors to make finding the right match with your home’s brick exterior much easier. But what you will want to determine is what message you want to send to all those driving by or visiting your home. Some homeowners choose colors that blend with the natural surroundings and fit in well with other homes on the street. Still others want to express their unique personality by choosing a roofing solution and brick color that offer a little more impact in the color department.

Whatever color brick or roof you choose, DaVinci synthetic shake and slate tiles will enhance your building’s appearance all while offering a maintenance free, 50 year warranty on quality materials built to last. To learn more about our tile styles and colors, contact our customer care online.

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