Rainwater Harvesting with DaVinci Green Roof Systems

With so much of the world facing deficits in water supply, the idea of harvesting rainwater for lightweight roofing materials drinking and gardening use is fast becoming a topic of discussion among those looking for environmentally friendly and responsible ways to conserve water for human needs.

Rainwater harvesting helps to reduce pressure on shrinking ground water supplies, and by capturing water from rainfall, property owners demonstrate sustainable principles in practice rather than just in concept. In order to safely capture water runoff from rooftops, properties must use roofing materials that will not leach chemicals or pollution into the water. Traditional asphalt shingles are a big no-no when it comes to roofs designed for rainwater harvest.

Typically, building owners will use metal, ceramic or slate on a sloping roof so that as water falls it can be piped into a cistern for use and storage. With a properly designed system, a roof can capture up to 600 gallons per inch of rain on average. That’s a lot of water supplied directly from the skies instead of from the ground water table.

The beauty of DaVinci sustainable roofing is that our polymer roof tiles are also suitable for use in rainwater collection for personal use. In fact, visit our August post “From the Architect’s Corner” to see pictures of a client’s completed roof designed for rainwater harvesting.

To learn more about the quality and durability of DaVinci green roof systems, send an inquiry online to our Support Staff.

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