Real Wood Shake Roofs And Their Affinity For Fire

Fires around the world claim thousands of lives and eat up years of hard-earned possessions. Being a natural force, there is nothing you can do to prevent it from occurring, but you can surely contain its spread.

Wood Shake RoofOne of the most common means by which fire spreads is through burning shards from fire prone roofs. We use wood in fireplaces because it burns. Using it to roof our houses and then expecting it to provide protection is a misplaced expectation. Should a fire occur, a random spark can ignite a wood shake roof and have it burning within a matter of minutes.

Roofing your house with shakes that have such strong affinity for one of the most destructive forces of nature is a risk you would be better off not taking. At DaVinci, our wood shake alternatives lend your roof the beauty of genuine wood shake and at the same time have a fire resistant property to them, which allows them to resist the spread of fire by exhibiting contained burning.

Tested by ASTM standards, DaVinci roofing products have been shown to possess the best resistance to fire. This is due to the fire retardants we incorporate into our products as well as the design of our product. So, when you install DaVinci Shake on your roof, you can be rest assured that the inhabitants of your house, living and non-living alike, have the best roofing protection possible.

If you are interested in our polymer roofing products, please get in touch with our Project Specialist. Have you installed DaVinci products on your roof and noticed a difference? Please share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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