Reasons for Roof Repairs

shake shingle roofOne of the most common reasons for roof repairs is lack of maintenance to the roof. The deterioration in the roofs starts gradually and if the damage is ascertained in the initial stages, it can be easily repaired.

Adverse weather conditions like extreme rain, snow or hail have the potential to damage roofing materials and this is also a main reason for roof repairs. Inorganic roofing materials tend to last longer than organic roofing materials, which get damaged faster due to bad weather.

Strong winds and flying debris have the power to blow away your roof or cause lot of damage to it. Most roof repairs are also necessitated due to roof flashing problems. Roof flashing problems occur due to faulty installation - the most visible sign of a roof flashing problem is finding moisture inside the house.

As the roof gets older, it needs to be checked regularly, for missing or damaged shingles and these need to be replaced at regular intervals. Moisture, dirt and pollution are the common causes which lead to a deterioration in the roofing material.

If your house is located near the sea or ocean, exposure to salt can also damage the roofing material.  Leaks indicate that the roof needs to be repaired and this could be due to a damaged or loose shingle. You will need to repair the roof to fix the leak.

If it's high time that you replace your old roof with an eco friendly roof, then you might like our cedar shake alternative or simulated slate roofing that has a 50 year warranty and is virtually maintenance free because of its inorganic qualities and high performance.


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